Gutturnio is the symbolic wine of Piacenza enology, dear to the inhabitants of this area and to the producers who dedicate their care, attention and experimentation to it. Thanks to this desire to seek new ways to enhance this wine, today Gutturnio is no longer just a sparkling wine to be drunk during the year. The specification provides for a firm version and even a reserve, which must wait more than two years before being ready for sale and which can give great satisfaction to the tasting. Gutturnio is born from the assembly of two grapes with complementary characteristics: Barbera gives body and character, while Bonarda (or Croatina) offers elegance and softness. Due to the difference in their maturation times and in the necessary precautions in winemaking, the two grapes are vinified separately, and then subsequently unite in a proportion that, within the limits of the disciplinary, represents the stylistic code of each producer.

Not everyone knows that … yesterday
The name of this wine testifies to its ancient origins. The gutturnium was the large silver cup in which the Romans poured wine during the holidays, passing it between one guest and another. But be careful not to drink too much! The Piacenza consul Pisone (Julius Caesar’s father-in-law) was publicly blamed by Cicero for his immoderate love for this wine!

The Gutturnio today
In the marriage between Barbera and Bonarda, Gutturnio carries within itself the characteristics of this land on the border with Piedmont and Lombardy and its people. Initially reserved and shy, the Piacentines set the table in the best Emilian tradition for the trustworthy guest, accompanying platters of Piacenza salami and traditional first courses such as Pisarei and fasö with bubbles from Gutturnio. Gutturnio again, this time still, then bathes roasts and boiled meats, braised meats and grilled meats. And since the blend invented by Pisone is for the Piacentines “the red for all occasions” there are also those who are experimenting with drying, to enjoy Gutturnio even with dessert!

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