NAME:Colli Piacentini DOC, Organic 2013 Noble Rot Passito di Malvasia

Grape Varieties:Malvasia Aromatica di Candia 100%. Historical grapes grown in a vineyard that’s around 35 years old, located 350 metres above sea level near the River Ongina . Plants are pruned in mid-August. The autumn morning fog and ideal weather conditions allow ‘noble rot’ to form in the vines.

Bottling Data: Alcohol 13.5% Vol. – 500ml Total acidity 5.9g/L

Colour: this late-harvest wine with grapes botrytised from noble rot has a deep golden yellow hue with specks of amber.

Aroma: intense aroma of yellow fruit, and dried apricot in particular, followed by notes of saffron, dried fig, toasted almonds and marzipan.

Tasting Notes: very sweet, but never cloying thanks to its good final acidity. Persistent with light, smoky notes.

Pairings: we suggest pairing this wine with biscuits, pastries, soft cheeses and gorgonzola.

Serving Temperature: 14-16°C

Type of Soil:Moderately loose-packed. The vineyard is located 350 metres above sea level at the same level as the River Ongina. The vineyard is located 350 metres above sea level.
Number of Vines Per Hectare: 3500
Età delle vigne: 35 Years old
Grape Harvest Period: The grapes are harvested by hand between the end of November and the beginning of Decem- ber.
Average Yield Per Hectare: 700 litres/ha
Vinification : Dryied on the vine, soft pressed.
Ageing 72 months in French oak barriques.

Three stars: During the Bellavita Expo in London in 2015, a team of 213 judges, including high-profi- le experts, sommeliers, journalists and buyers, tasted and voted on competing products. The products with the highest scores were then categorised according to the following ranking: One star – “Simply delicious” (+7 point average). Two stars – “Outstanding” (+8 point average). Three stars – “Exquisite” (+9 point average)


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