Name: PIACENZIANO Organic Sparkling Gutturnio

Grape Varieties: Barbera 65%, Bonarda 35%

Type of Soil: Moderately loose-packed. The vineyard is located 350 metres above sea level.

Number of Vines Per Hectare: 3300

Age of Vines: 10 years

Grape Harvest Period: First ten days of September

Average Yield Per Hectare: 8000kg/ha

Vinification:Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with wild yeasts, maceration for three days with alternating submerged cap.

Ageing:Short Charmat method. Aged for eleven months in stainless steel autoclaves. Bottle fermentation.

Bottling Data:Alcohol 12.5% Vol. – 750ml Total acidity 6.2g/L Bottling Data:Alcohol 12.5% Vol. – 750ml Total acidity 6.2g/L. Colour: intense ruby red with marked purple specks.

Aroma: intensely winey aroma followed by hints of blackber- ry, violet, blueberry and black cherry. Characteristic lasting almond notes.
Tasting Notes: fairly warm, round and tannic. It has a marked freshness that will favour pairings with Piacenza cuisine. Leaves the mouth feeling clean, with persistent fruity notes.

Pairings:perfect for pairing with salami from Piacenza, such as classic pisarei and fasö, cotechino with mashed potato, mixed boiled meats, roasted coppa, and grilled rib eye. Pair with rabbit or chicken cacciatora recipes.

Serving Temperature: 14-16°C