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Focaccia and Colonnata lard

The fresh and slightly spicy taste of Barbera wonderfully accompanies the fatness of the Colonnata lard.

Curiosities and pairings

The aperitif is the perfect moment of the day in which to share moments of pleasant relaxation with friends and family: to enhance this experience it is important to create a tasty and tasty starter, to be accompanied by a skilfully paired bottle. Warm focaccia with Colonnata lard is a riot of flavor, rich and sweet at the same time, which conquers even the most refined palate.

Colonnata lard it is an Italian product of excellence and boasts ancient origins, although it is very complicated to establish with certainty the era to which to attribute the birth of this local tradition. This typical cured meat from the village of the same name located in the Apuan Alps, a fraction of the municipality of Carrara, has gone from poor food to becoming one of the finest IGP products in Italy. In fact, there are many national and international chefs who use Colonnata lard in their recipes, creating bold combinations with perfectly balanced flavours. What makes this product unique is the delicate and fresh taste, which acquires character at the end of the tasting thanks to the aromatic herbs and spices that enrich it.

To enhance the flavor complexity of Colonnata lard, focaccia is the perfect ingredient, even more so if served hot and crunchy, allowing the cured meat to release all its aromas. To celebrate this combination of flavours, the perfect bottle is the Fleur, obtained from a careful selection of Barbera and Chardonnay from the family vineyards. Its intense bouquet, dominated by the elegant notes of small fruits, is perfect for enhancing the velvety texture of Colonnata lard, adding a harmonious note to this simple and authentic aperitif.