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cultivating excellence

Excellent action is nourished by authentic values, cultivated with love generation after generation.

It is the continuous search for quality and attention to detail throughout the entire production process to create each bottle a unique episode.


Using (...and growing) without consuming

ILLICA means listening to Nature, giving its forms a chance to express themselves through the help of man who becomes the guardian of an extraordinary territory by cultivating it, but never consuming it.
With ILLICA, the wine finds its true identity thanks to the choice to always invest only in the territory of origin, protecting it through organic viticulture.
So Nature decides: ILLICA has only to help her since the wine is in the vines just as the David is in the marble block. Nature is power and wine is its act.

Balance between tradition and innovation

ILLICA means innovating, finding the best way to give the forms of Nature-the vines-the forms of Culture-the wine. To listen to the reality and complexity of Nature, we invest in innovation, research and technology so that they integrate human knowledge with the potential of the earth. Washing grapes or eliminating oxygen through new patents represents the exact opposite of an encroachment of technology on rural reality: it means eliminating everything superfluous or artificial that would risk missing the aesthetic power of the land.
Technological innovation is just the way to call tomorrow’s tradition.
ILLICA is the courage to say that if it is possible today to have respect for a tradition, it is only because someone in the past had the courage to innovate.



Deep connection to the land and respect for the earth in every single gesture: all ILLICA labels come exclusively from Piacenza grapes grown at high altitudes according to the principles of sustainable mountain agriculture.

Ecology, ethics, education

ILLICA finally means. Belief in ethics. A goal achieved without ever losing the spirit of that entrepreneurial dream that has allowed us to cultivate not only vines, but also human relationships: from the people who work in ILLICA, to social projects, and above all, in a non-rhetorical way, to a deep environmental sustainability education.
ILLICA is the final concept of a complex alchemy between craftsmanship and manual skill, between attention to raw materials and Made in Italy. To transfer this culture of product into an ethical culture of making is the real challenge: projects that from ecology to social issues will transform a unique territory like the Vall’ongina into a laboratory for building the future and serving as a reference for the international community.